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Miami vacation packages & deals

Experience Miami, where every moment is drenched in sunshine and every memory forged is golden. Secure your vacation packages now and let the magic of Miami redefine your idea of an unforgettable escape  
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Discover Miami hotels & vacation packages

In Miami, a sun-kissed haven where balmy breezes greet you, you'll be enveloped by a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. The city's allure lies not just in its endless beaches but in its pulsating heart, where every street and corner hums with life, a testament to Miami's rich cultural diversity. With the Atlantic Ocean lapping its shores, Miami vacations offer travelers a unique blend of metropolitan vibes and coastal tranquility.

Featured resorts in Miami

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    Key West via Miami

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    Fontainebleau Miami Beach
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    Fort Lauderdale

    Grand Beach Hotel Surfside

Venture into the bustling streets, and you'll encounter exquisite dining spots where flavors from around the globe converge on a single plate. Luxurious shopping venues beckon with their array of fashionable finds, making every Miami vacation package a dream come true for shopping enthusiasts. As dusk descends, Miami's nightscape transforms. The city's nightlife, a whirlwind of music and dance, promises endless hours of entertainment. Yet, for those seeking a mellower evening, Miami's theaters, ballet, and opera stand ready to enchant.

South Beach stands as a testament to Miami's undeniable charm. Strolling its iconic stretches or lounging by a hotel pool, the essence of relaxation that every Miami vacation embodies is palpable. Multiple hotels, from upscale to boutique, line the coast and the city's heart, ensuring that your stay is as memorable as the waves crashing on the shore.

Things to Do

  • Nightlife in Miami & Miami Beach

    Miami, a radiant gem of the Sunshine State, doesn't just bask under the sun; it shines equally bright under the moonlight. Tourists who have opted for vacation packages in Miami often find that the nightlife is a mesmerizing blend of rhythm, color, and energy, promising experiences as diverse as the city itself.

    The heart of Miami's nightlife undoubtedly beats loudest in Miami Beach, particularly in the vibrant enclave of South Beach. The iconic strip of South Beach, Miami Beach with its art deco backdrop and oceanic front, transforms as the sun sets. The balmy breezes carry the beats of Latin rhythms, techno vibes, and the gentle hum of conversation from one end of the beach to the other. For those on vacation packages that include accommodations, many hotels in South Beach offer rooftop bars and lounges, allowing guests to enjoy the nightlife without ever leaving their property.

    If you're seeking sophistication and elegance during your stay, upscale cocktail bars and lounges dot the Miami landscape. Many high-end hotels in the Miami Beach area boast their own chic nightlife venues, where craft cocktails and curated music set the mood. It's not uncommon for visitors, after a day at the beach, to retreat to their hotel, refresh, and then descend into a world of luxury and music without ever stepping off the premises.

    However, if your package has you stationed more inland, fear not! Downtown Miami is alive with a range of nightclubs, bars, and live music venues. Whether you're into jazz, pop, or electronic dance music, there's a spot that will have you dancing the night away.

    For those who have chosen package deals that come with a car rental, a drive down the iconic Ocean Drive in South Beach is a must. With neon lights illuminating the art deco architecture and the vibrant crowds flowing from one hotspot to another, it's a spectacle in itself.

    Yet, Miami isn't just about the loud and the lively. Intimate speakeasies and wine bars can be found tucked away in various corners of Miami and Miami Beach. Some of these might be located within your hotel or close to where you stay, offering an ambient retreat from the high-energy scenes of the bigger clubs.

    Whatever your nightlife preference, Miami and Miami Beach ensure that when the sun goes down, the city lights up. From pulsating dance floors to serene beachside lounges, the options are as vast as the ocean itself. So, as you review those vacation packages for your next trip, remember that in Miami, the night is always young, and the memories crafted after dusk are as golden as the Florida sunrise.

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of Miami's most enchanting treasures, embodying grandeur and history set against the city's modern backdrop. If you're planning a trip to Miami, this breathtaking location should undoubtedly feature on your list of must-visit spots.

    Stepping into Vizcaya is like being transported into a European estate right in the heart of Miami. Built in the early 20th century, this lavish villa is a tribute to the Italian Renaissance style, replete with intricate architectural details and a collection of European art and antiques. Every corner of the museum tells tales of an era gone by, making it a significant attraction for those on Miami vacations seeking a blend of history, art, and culture.

    Yet, it's not just the interiors of Vizcaya that captivate. The property boasts expansive gardens that sprawl elegantly along the coast. Sculpted with European-style landscaping, decorative pools, fountains, and terraces, the gardens offer a serene escape from the bustling Miami streets. As part of their vacation packages in Miami, many tourists ensure they allocate ample time to meander through these gardens, soaking in the beauty and tranquility they offer.

    Conveniently located, Vizcaya is accessible from various parts of Miami, making it easy for tourists to incorporate it into their itinerary. Many nearby hotels also offer special package deals that include guided tours of Vizcaya, ensuring visitors understand its history and significance.

    For those looking to maximize their Miami experience, pairing a visit to Vizcaya with stays at nearby luxury hotels amplifies the magic. After a day of exploring the museum and gardens, retreating to a comfortable hotel room, possibly with views of Miami's skyline or the shimmering ocean, completes the day perfectly.

    Vizcaya isn't just a museum; it's a testament to Miami's multifaceted allure. Whether on a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or exploring solo, this Miami gem ensures a memorable experience. As you look through various vacation packages for your Miami trip, consider weaving Vizcaya into your journey. With its blend of history, art, and nature, it captures the essence of what makes Miami vacations so remarkable.

  • Everglades National Park Outside Miami

    Everglades National Park, a sprawling expanse of natural wonder just a stone's throw from Miami, offers a unique wilderness experience. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, this vast wetland is a testament to nature's raw beauty and the diverse ecosystems it sustains.

    As one ventures from the vibrant streets of Miami to delve into the heart of the Everglades, the transition is almost surreal. The bustling cityscape gives way to a mosaic of marshes, mangroves, and slow-moving waters teeming with life. It's a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those on Miami vacations seeking a break from the urban scene.

    One of the most captivating aspects of the Everglades is its rich biodiversity. From elusive Florida panthers and deer to the iconic American alligator, the park is a refuge for countless endangered species. Birdwatchers on vacation, mainly, will find the park a paradise, with numerous rare and migratory birds calling it home.

    The Everglades provides an excellent day-trip opportunity for those staying in Miami hotels. Various tours and excursions, often included in vacation packages, are available to explore the park. Whether you choose an exhilarating airboat ride, a serene canoe paddle, or a guided nature walk, the Everglades promises a memorable adventure.

    Post your excursion, as you retreat to your hotel room, the contrast between Miami's lively ambiance and the serene vastness of the Everglades offers a moment of reflection. Such juxtapositions are what make vacations in this part of Florida so unique.

    Furthermore, for tourists seeking an immersive Everglades experience, some nearby hotels and lodges allow extended stays near the park. Waking up to the sounds of nature and the early morning mist over the marshlands is an experience.

    Everglades National Park is more than just a destination; it's an encounter with nature in its purest form. As you plan your vacation packages to Miami, ensure this ecological wonder is on your itinerary. You'll discover Florida's diverse tapestry between the city's vibrance and the park's tranquility.

For those eager to immerse themselves in Miami's local vibe, exploring by foot or bike reveals hidden gems. With beach after beach offering a tranquil escape, many find their ideal getaway simply sunbathing on the sandy shores, especially the vibrant South Beach, a hotspot for both tourists and locals alike.

Crafting the perfect Miami vacation becomes easy with a plethora of vacation deals and packages at your fingertips. Whether you're yearning for a beachfront hotel stay or an Miami vacation package, there's something tailored for every traveler's desire. And with United Airlines® offering frequent flights to this coastal paradise, your dream getaway is just a booking away.


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